Project Description

Diploma in Psychological Counseling

Diploma in Counseling focuses on providing therapeutic treatments to people who are experiencing undesired symptoms of emotional, social, educational, health, vocational, organizational or developmental nature. The need for professional counselors in our present society cannot be underestimated. Parents, Teachers, Pastors, community leaders and anyone else who is serving people in the society in any capacity needs to learn how to transform people’s lives through this course.

Courses in Counseling Diploma

This is a one and half year course. By the end of this course, the trainee should be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to identify and offer guidance and counseling in the learning institutions.
  • Acquire knowledge on diverse areas that affect learners in learning institutions e.g. substance abuse, sociology of the family, youth and sexuality, HIV/AIDS etc
  • To set up a functional Guidance and Counseling Department in a learning institution
  • Generate new knowledge by conducting research study in an area of interest related to the school/college set up
  • Offer guidance and counseling services to learners with diverse needs in learning institutions. (Schools and colleges)
  • Understand the ethical considerations in counseling and incorporate it in their practice

  • DGC 3701: Communication skills & ICT
  • DGC 3702: Personal Development.
  • DGC 3703: Guidance practice in Educational Settings.
  • DGC 3704: Theories of Counselling
  • DGC 3705: Counselling process & practice
  • DGC 3706: Research methods
  • DGC 3707: Theories of human growth
  • DGC 3708: Group counseling
  • DGC 3709: Professional studies
  • DGC 3710: HIV/AIDS
  • DGC 3711: Sociology of family
  • DGC 3712: Theories of career development.
  • DGC 3713: Health psychology
  • DGC 3714: Personality theories
  • DGC 3715: Abnormal behaviour & modification.
  • DGC 3716: Student Personnel services
  • DGC 3717: Substance abuse counselling
  • DGC 3718: Child and adolescent issues
  • DGC 3719: Project in an Educational set up
  • DGC 3720: Practicum in an Educational set up

Diploma in Counseling is a full time, one and half year course with minimum admission requirements as follows:

  • KCSE C– or or KCE Div. 2 or the equivalent
  • Certificate in Community development, Social development, Social work, Community Health, Counseling and Psychology.
  • Course open to Beginners, Development workers, Social workers, Project managers and Fresh students

TUITION & FEES 2017 – 2018

Module Tuition Per Semester Other Fees Duration
Module I 18,500/= 7,500/= 4 Months
Module II 18,500/= 6,500/= 4 Months
Module III 18,500/= 6,500/= 4 Months

 Registration Information

  • Fill the Application Form
  • Two copies of Passport size photos
  • Copy of national ID or passport
  • KCSE Certificate and other certificates
  • Pay the application fee

Application fee

Application fee: 1,000/=

Other fees:

Registration, Administration, Exam, Activity, Library, IT, ID card and Insurance.


  1. All the students are required to pay their tuition fee in time.
  2. Cash payment is strictly not allowed. All college payments are to be made to the college account.
  3. Bank deposit slips should be submitted to the respective office to be issued with a college official receipt.
  • Bank – CFC Stanbic Bank
  • Branch – Waiyaki Way
  • Account Name – Bridgeworld College
  • Account Number – 01-0000-2262104

MPESA Payment Options

  • Go to Mpesa Pay Bill
  • Enter pay bill number: 824629
  • Enter account number 13 digits: 0100002262104
  • Follow other instructions as prompted

As a way of encouraging our students to study effectively, Bridgeworld College offers the following categories of scholarships:

  • Loving Scholarship
  • Spouse Scholarship
  • Labor/Missionary/Unreached people group Scholarship
  • Partners Scholarship
  • Hope School Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship
  • Staff Scholarship

Scholarships are granted to needy students on application

Some scholarships are granted on recommendation from Church and relevant local authorities.

  1. The following fee is not refundable. Registration fees, Student ID fees, Library fees, IT fees, and annual insurance fees.
  2. Expulsion/Suspension: No refund of fees shall be made to a student who has been expelled or suspended due to misconduct.
  3. Desertion: No refund of fees shall be made to student who does not withdraw officially from the course
  4. Official withdrawal: The student is required to write to the registrar and the course coordinator to request for withdrawal either for good or to request for academic leave for whatever reason. The withdrawal comes into effect after confirmation from the registrar. The effective date of withdrawal will be the date in which the request form is submitted to the office of registrar.
  5. Part of the tuition fees may be refunded if drop out is within the first month of the semester. Charges are as per the following percentages when the student officially drops out of the course within the periods stated below.
No. of weeks Charges of fees payable Refund
0 – 1 0% 100%
2 – 4 50% 50%
5 100% 0%



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