Bridgeworld College prides itself in quality education, qualified, committed, and distinguished faculty.

This is a two year ministry training program. It is designed to equip trainees with the in-depth theological knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the truth in the Word of God in order to be effective in serving God. The Program is geared to prepare students for further studies.
These programs are designed to equip students with skills on Therapeutic Treatment for people who are experiencing undesired symptoms of emotional, social, educational, health, vocational, organizational or development nature.
Africa Training and Mentoring Network (ATMN) is the practical ministry of BWC. The ministry offers, informal and non formal training, through mentoring, workshops, seminars, and annual conferences.
BWC offers extension programs in Meru and Kangundo at certificate level. The extensions are a way of reaching out to the community with quality and relevance. Studies are offered in flexible learning modes.


Nelly N. Songa Pastor & Missionary in Samburu

I took my theological studied at Bridgeworld College. During my studies transformation took place in my life and I got a vision to go to Samburu Kirmon for mission work. I am currently working as a missionary in Sambury, kirimon area. For those wishing to study Theology ENROL NOW with Bridgeworld College!

Rev. Shadrack Kiragu

Bridgeworld College is the place to acquire all round ministry skills. My life has changed since I joined Bridgeworld College in 2018 to acquire skills in counseling and in 2020 March I graduated with Diploma in Counseling Psychology. Counseling is a daily requirement and without therapeutic skills, one cannot be able to help when need arises.

Why Choose Bridgeworld?


It’s the foreground of the future. While the aesthetics are stimulating,  the real beauty is what takes place on our inspiring grounds.


The target of Bridgeworld College is to upgrade the welfare of the society through holistic transformation of leaders.


Our students start and join mission and outreach, run organizations and are deeply involved with the community.

  • BC is an accredited institution.
  • BC is an inter-denominational institution.
  • We offer quality education.
  • Our mode of study is flexible.
  • Our fees are competitive, with scholarship opportunities to those who qualify.
  • We are located in a serene, quiet environment in Karen, Nairobi.
  • Our graduates become effective community leaders and ministers of Christ.
  • The College has enjoyed over 18 years of service in competent training with alumni serving East Africa, S.Sudan, Zambia, DRC, Ethiopia and Eritrea reaching the unreached people groups.