Bridgeworld College offers extension programs in Meru, Dandora-Nairobi and Kangundo at Certificate and Diploma levels.

These extensions are a way of reaching out to the community with quality, relevant and competitive studies offered in flexible learning modes.

Purpose of conducting the class

Bridgeworld College works in partnership with alumni: in Training, sending, commissioning, and supporting the Kingdom work in Kenya and countries in Africa. That off course is in line with its vision, mission, philosophy and seven Core values: the Kingdom comradeship, Stewardship, Integrity, Biblical Mind set, Servant-hood, Great Commission lifestyle, and Integrative learning.

Extension programs were started in order to meet the demand of the people that lived and served churches in remote areas. Due to financial challenges, they would not afford transport and accommodation cost in Nairobi. By using approved curriculum some of alumni have established extension training centres in Machakos, Meru, and Dandora in Nairobi as a way of reducing the cost of learning.

The lecturers at the extension centres are approved by Bridgeworld College main campus in Karen. That makes the mission, vision, Core values and philosophy of Bridgeworld College to keep on moving to the least reached communities. Certificate course in Theology and Christian ministries are offered to graduating students through a colourful graduation ceremony held at the extension centres.

The focus of the training has been to provide skills to servants of God, serving his mission, to serve him with knowledge and understanding of the Holy Word. In this manner we are able to keep in line with original mission of impacting the world by equipping men and women in mind character and stewardship as directed in Mat. 28:19